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The Long Barn started when I asked my dad if he could make a charcuterie board for my daughter's graduation party.  I had planned on putting cheese and crackers on black plastic tray, but a good friend said I should have my dad use some of that wood in the long barn and make me a charcuterie tray.  After googling what that meant, I asked Dad if he could make me one.  He made 5. He told me to throw the extra in the burn pile!  I received so many compliments on the beautiful serving boards that I brought the extras boards to a school fundraiser.  From there we had many requests for boards.  I talked my dad into making more and signed  us up for our first ever arts and craft show in the summer of 2019.  Dad has expanded to making custom tables as well as the beautiful serving boards.  I hope you enjoy the boards as much as we have enjoyed spending time together making them.  


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